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                         Access to quality medicines:

                                           a basic right!

           The International Institute of Research against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM)
           and the Syracusa International  Institute for  Criminal  Justice and Human

           Rights  have  launched  the  Syracusa  Appeal  by  representatives of African
           French-speaking countries.

                     n  28  November,  WHO  issued  an  urgent   After several work meetings, and a lengthy consultation
                     warning that almost half of fake medicines   process  which  began  in  November  2016,  the  specialists
                     detected by the organization were intended   who met in Syracuse approved the content of a «model
            Ofor  the  African  market.  The  same  day,      law».  The  latter  is  an  essential  legal  tool  based  on
            French  president,  Emmanuel  Macron,  confirmed  his   Medicrime Convention requirements and deals with the
            commitment to supporting the growing threat during   problem  as  a  whole:  definition,  offences,  appropriate
            his speech in Ouagadougou: «In terms of health issues,   and  harmonized  scale  of  penalties.  When  such  a  law  is
            we  are  also  supporting  those  who  are  fighting  fake   adopted by a country’s national legislation and enacted by
            medicine trafficking which is rife in Africa: this not only   its parliament, it provides a comprehensive guarantee that
            affects sick people, but to add insult to injury, it also   this type of trafficking is dealt with efficiently and fairly.
            affects the poorest people in the country. France and   In  order  to  promote,  amongst  others,  this  new  model
            several other countries initiated this fight in Cotonou in   law,  the  stakeholders  within  the  committee  of  experts
            2009 and I hope we will be able to continue and develop   signed  the  Syracuse  Appeal,  to  call  francophone  African
            actions to wipe out this plague.»                 governments to action with the aim of:
            As of 2016, in response to this health emergency, fake  •  adopting  comprehensive  and  harmonized  laws  to
            medicines  specialists  from  seven  African  countries   prevent  and  repress  medical  product  falsification
            (Benin,  Burkina  Faso,  the  Central  African  Republic,   offences;
            Chad, the Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Mali) agreed to take  •  simplifying  bilateral  and  multilateral  collaboration  to
            action  and  collaborate  with  a  committee  of  experts   address fake medical products and the illicit trafficking
            created by IRACM in partnership with SII. The aim of the   of said products;
            committee was to implement new and efficient legal  •  provide all individuals with safe medical products at the
            tools, which could be applied to any country concerned   lowest price possible; and,
            by fake medicine trafficking, and to prioritize the health  •  make  national  supply  and  distribution  chains  safer
            threat in parliamentary and governmental agendas.   by  implementing  strict  and  independent  national
            Even  though  all  States  should  have  an  adequate   pharmaceutical regulation bodies.
            legislative  system  in  place  to  tackle  public  health   This call to action aims to urge governments, civil servants,
            issues, it is unfortunately still not the case today. Most   doctors,  pharmacists,  industry  leaders  and  legal  experts
            countries do not provide for offences with sentences   to commit to combating, and taking responsibility for, the
            severe enough to deter medicine traffickers.      criminal fake medicines business.

                                             FAKEMEDS MAGAZINE #02-2018
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