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Falsified medicines alerts

            Finland: falsified cancer                             Argentina: health
            treatment in legal supply                             authority uncovers two

            chain                                                 falsified batches of Soliris

            Finnish Health Agency, Fimea, has reported that       The  Argentinian  Health  Agency  (ANMAT)  has
            it  discovered  falsified  copies  of  Janssen-Cilag’s   confirmed  that  two  suspect  batches  of  Soliris
            cancer treatment Velcade in hospital pharmacies.      (eculizumab) 300mg/30mg concentrate have been
            The  falsified  batches  of  Velcade  (bortezomib     discovered. The products are stamped with batch
            3.5mg powder for injection) packs were imported       numbers P0004906 and P0004907, and both have
            into  the  country  by  parallel  distributor  Orifarm   an expiry date of 03/2019. Soliris is used to treat
            Oy.  Nine  packs  of  the  suspect  treatment  were   blood disorders and is one of the most expensive
            used to treat patients before the falsification was   medicines on the market with an annual price tag
            identified, according to Fimea.                       of more than $400,000.
            This  discovery  comes  after  a  string  of  incidents
            involving  suspected  counterfeit  Velcade  in        ANMAT  also  warned  that  it  had  encountered
            Germany,  the  Netherlands  and  Denmark.             falsified versions of the following medicines:
            All  reported  cases  appear  to  be  linked  to
            repackaging  by  parallel  importers:  the  batches   • T eva’s  multiple  sclerosis  therapy  Copaxone
            seemed to contain the right active ingredient at        (glatiramer acetate) 40mg/ml;
            the right level, but with falsified packaging.        •  Novartis’ for chronic myeloid leukaemia Tasigna
                                                                   (nilotinib) 200mg capsules x 112

                                                                  •  Roche’s  cancer  drug  Avastin  (bevacizumab)
            The Philippines: falsified                             400mg/16ml vial x 1

            anti-inflammatory                                     •  ViiV  Healthcare’s  HIV  drug  Kivexa  (abacavir/
                                                                   lamivudine) 30 coated tablets
            discovered                                            •  Merck & Co’s HIV treatment Isentress (raltegravir)

            The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises         60 x 400mg film-coated tablets
            the  public  against  the  purchase  and  use  of     •  Roche   breast   cancer   therapy   Perjeta
            the  medical  product  Naproxen  sodium  (Flanax       (pertuzumab) 1 x 420mg/14ml vial
            Forte) 550mg tablet. A falsified copy of the anti-    •  Laboratorios  Richmond  SACIF’s  Virorrever
            inflammatory was discovered due to:                    (efavirenz) 30 x 600mg coated tablets.
            • non-compliant printed codes;
            • non-compliant tablet colour.

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