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Falsified medicines alerts

            Brazil: falsified cancer                              South America: falsified
            medicine uncovered                                    antibiotic alert

            A police investigation has been launched following    Hoffmann-La Roche S. A. reported about a batch
            the  discovery  of  three  falsified  batches  (985EE,   of  falsified  Rocephin®  1g  antibiotics  has  been
            986EE  and  987EE)  of  Pfizer’s  Sutent  50mg,  a    discovered.  The batch number is L525 for injectable
            cancer  medication,  which  were  dispensed  in  a    solution. Several countries including Ecuador have
            Porto Alegre clinic. The laboratory has confirmed     published the alert as registered medicines with
            that  the  batches  are  falsified.  It  is  difficult  to   this active ingredient are in circulation.
            establish how many packets were sold and how
            many patients were prescribed the product.

            Argentina: two falsified                                Argentina: alert
            diabetes treatments                                     concerning falsified

            discovered                                              medicine batches

            The National Administration of Drugs, Foods and         Following a series of raids, the Argentinian Health
            Medical  Devices  (ANMAT)  has  issued  a  public       Agency  has  issued  an  alert  relating  to  several
            warning following the discovery of falsified insulin.   illicit  and  falsified  batches  of  medicines.  The
            The batch numbers are as follows:                       falsified  treatments  include  two  antiretroviral
            •  TRESIBA® FlexTouch® 100 U / ml,                      treatments and one cancer treatment:
              batch n° FP52847, expiry date 09/2018.                •  ISENTRESS Raltegravir 400mg,
                                                                     60 coated tablets.
                                                                     Batch number ARG0324/L026309. ABR/2018.
                                                                    •  PERUGE Pertuzumab 420mg/14 ml,
                                                                     bottle of concentrated IV solution.
                                                                     Batch number H0109918. 10/2019.
                                                                    •  VIRORREBER 600 Efavirenz 600mg,
                                                                     30 coated tablets. Batch number MEG35IK4.
                                                                     Expiry date: 02/19.

                                             FAKEMEDS MAGAZINE #02-2018
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