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Falsified medicines alerts

            DRC: WHO raises                                       Cameroon: falsified
            alert over two falsified                              antibiotic discovered
            cefixime copies                                       The  WHO  received  a  report  about  a  falsified

                                                                  copy  of  Augmentin,  an  antibiotic  (Amoxycillin
            The  WHO  has  issued  an  alert  concerning  two     +  clavulanate  potassium)  has  been  identified  in
            versions  of  falsified  cefixime  antibiotics  that   Cameroon  and  was  available  in  a  Douala  street
            have  been  identified  in  the  eastern  part  of  the   market. Samples were sent to the manufacturer,
            Democratic Republic of the Congo. The products        GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), for testing. GSK confirmed
            are presented in standard white plastic containers    the copy and reported:
            and the tablets are round, small, and without any     • mistakes on the packaging inscriptions,
            embossing.  Both  manufacturers  have  confirmed      • the absence of active ingredients in the medicine.
            they did not manufacture either of these products
            and  that  the  labels  of  both  products  display
            spelling mistakes.

                                                                  WHO confirms falsified
                                                                  Hepatitis B vaccines

                                                                  circulating in Uganda
            Chad: falsified                                       The WHO has issued a public warning following the

            ciprofloxacin tablets                                 discovery of falsified vaccines in several Ugandan
                                                                  central, south western and south eastern health
            identified                                            centers.  The  alert  relates  to  falsified  versions  of
                                                                  Multi  dose  (10ml)  Hepatitis  B  Vaccines  (rDNA)
            At  the  end  of  2017,  an  international  religious   manufactured  by  the  Serum  Institute  of  India
            network  identified  a  suspicious  version  of  a    Pvt.  Ltd.  The  manufacturer  has  confirmed  that
            generic  ciprofloxacin  product  during  a  Minilab   inconsistent labels were attached to the products.
            training.  The  sample  was  sent  to  Nairobi  for   So  far,  falsified  versions  of  10  different  batch
            confirmatory  analysis  which  revealed  that  the    numbers have been discovered.
            medicine contained only 50% of the ciprofloxacin
            content claimed on the label. The falsified packet
            of Ciprofloxacin USP 750mg tablets shows batch
            number  150807  with  08/2015  as  manufacturing
            date and 08/2018 as expiry date.

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