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                                   M                    AGAZINE

                                                     he  situation  beginning  end   Overall, organized crime is diversifying
                                                     2017 / 2018 is rather uneven   in  a  broad  drastic  manner:  falsified
                                                     in terms of falsified medicines   shampoos,   falsified   embalming
                                               Tand  how  the  situation  is      treatments,   falsified   glaucoma
                                               being  handled  on  an  international   medication  and  illegal  abortions  are
                                               level.  Governments  have  stepped  up
                                               actions  against  medicine  falsification   carried  out  by  criminal  gangs  using
                                               and  this  reflects  an  increase  in  the   veterinary products.
                                               awareness of the problem but also a   Cause  for  concern  is  arising  from
                                               rise  in  organized  transnational  crime   increasing   links   between   drug
                                                                                  trafficking  and  falsified  medicine
                                               Furthermore,  in  addition  to  the   trafficking  and,  for  example,  between
                                               implementation  of  the  upcoming   Mexican  and  Chinese  organized
                                               EU  falsified  medicines  Directive,  the   criminal  gangs.  Drug  traffickers  can
                                               European  parliament  has  adopted   now  launder  money  via  large  free-
                                               new legislation to protect consumers   trade  zones  in  China.  Moreover,  they
                                               from  online  fraud  and  illicit  trade.
                                               Many  Heads  of  State  are  openly   are  increasingly  turning  to  trafficking
                                               concerned   about   the   problem:   falsified  medicines  as  the  national
                                               during  an  address  to  young  Africans   sanctions are note as high for this crime
                                               in  Ouagadougou  on  28  November,   when the profits are higher.
                                               French  president  Emmanuel  Macron
         EDITO                                 expressed his commitment to falsified
         By Bernard Leroy,                     medicine trafficking in Africa.    Illicit  fentanyl,  manufactured  in  China
         Director of the International         In Argentina, the Order of Veterinarians   and  Mexico,  is  aggravating  the  fatal
         Institute of Research Against Counterfeit                                opioid epidemic.
         Medicines (IRACM)                     has  urged  for  increased  veterinary
                                               medicine  trade  protection,  given  the
                                               increased  risks  in  a  country  which  is   In 2018, US and Canada governments
                                                                                  must take these changes on board and
                                               a leading international beef exporter.
         #02                                   their concern.                     than, organized crime networks.
                                                                                  endeavor to act as quickly, if not faster
                                               The  Gulf  States  have  also  expressed

                                             FAKEMEDS MAGAZINE #02-2018
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