Multiple sources of information and qualified knowledge (both physical and digital) should be centralized – and not just for practical reasons. It will constitute a key tool in the fight against counterfeit drugs.

Not only is the level of international knowledge low but also this knowledge is widely scattered.

It is therefore essential to facilitate access to reliable and complete (if not comprehensive) data and information on the subject in order to nurture reflection, stimulate research and enlighten the decisions of international actors.

This is why the institute is dedicated to becoming an international documentation center of reference.

The institute’s partners and all of the major international actors, (who are the principal providers of information or the owners of qualified data), have accepted to contribute to the construction of this documentary database.

This center constitutes a large volume of specialized documents, in paper or digital format, comprising:

  • studies,
  • theses,
  • books,
  • brochures,
  • press clippings,
  • newspapers,
  • texts of laws.

In order to facilitate access to the largest number on an international scale, the institute has made available a large part of these resources via its website, in the form of online or downloadable documents.

Open our virtual library.