International : Operation Pangea: more than 105 million illicit medicines seized in 10 years

Operation Pangea, coordinated by INTERPOL, is an international effort to disrupt the online sale of fake and illicit health products. Since its launch in 2008, the Operation has removed more than 105 million units (pills, vials, sachets, bottles, etc.) from circulation and made more than 3,000 arrests. The Pangea results over the past decade reveal that at least 11 per cent of medical products sold online are fake and that all world regions are affected.
The highest number of seizures under Pangea were of fake erectile dysfunction medicines. Other commonly faked products include anti-depressants, anabolic steroids and medicines used to treat diabetes or cancer. Since 2015, the types of illicit medicines seized have become more diversified, including quantities of hypnotics, sedatives and anti-inflammatory medication.

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