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IRACM on the French radio
France Inter
Listen to the interview with Wilfrid Rogé of IRACM on the French radio France Inter recorded on April 27th. "In fake drugs, we can find mercury, uranium, rat poison, arsenic or antifreeze for cars. These are monstrosities sold by merchants of death." he said.

Training seminar with the Cambodia Counter Counterfeit Committee
On 25 and 26 March 2015, the Counter Counterfeit Committee has organized a two-day seminar in Siem Reap dedicated to the security forces in charge of curbing trafficking in dangerous counterfeit products and especially in fake pharmaceuticals.

Fake Medicines Quarterly Review – January to March 2015
IRACM compiles the global news issued on fake and falsified / counterfeit medicines during the last three months. The quarterly review also presents the IRACM key initiatives.

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IRACM published on line a brochure compiling global information on counterfeit medicine. Learn what are fake drugs and their impact on public health, economic development, security, rule of law and some recent facts on this scourge.
Upon request, this brochure can be sent to you by post mail (French, English and Spanish versions are available).

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news section
April 2015
A global pandemic revealed due to falsified and poor quality drugs
AJTMH has issued 17 scientific articles demonstrating that falsified and poor quality drugs are liable for a global pandemic. MORE
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April 2015
FDA warns on a fake version of Botox
A counterfeit version of Botox has been sold to American health care practitioners and medical clinics. The counterfeit product is unsafe and should not be used. MORE
news section
April 2015
A wide international trafficking dismantled
The operation Pharmatraffic dismantled a huge international trafficking of stolen drugs in Italy. 50 people were involved and arrested. MORE
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April 2015
A criminal gang sold fake medication with acid, road paint and brick dust
A large-scale criminal enterprise members involved in an online and face-to-face sale of cheap counterfeit Viagra and other pills (erectile dysfunction) were sentenced. MORE
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April 2015
A new route of entry for illegal drugs
The Paso Pehuenche: fake drugs traffickers are now using a new route between Chili and Argentina border. MORE
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