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A map of all the seizures recorded by IRACM
The Institute has updated the seizures map on its website. Just select a country and you will see all the seizures referenced in the four last years. We invite you to visit this page to learn more!

Fake Medicines Quarterly Review – October to December 2014
IRACM compiles the global news issued on fake and falsified / counterfeit medicines during the last three months. The quarterly review also presents the IRACM key initiatives.

Training seminar with the Cambodia Counter Counterfeit Committee
On 25 and 26 March 2015, the Counter Counterfeit Committee has organized a two-day seminar in Siem Reap dedicated to the security forces in charge of curbing trafficking in dangerous counterfeit products and especially in fake pharmaceuticals.

PHARMACRIME 4: European seminar for specialized Judges and Prosecutors on falsified medicines
Initiated and funded by the IRACM, the Pharmacrime 4 validation conference was scheduled on January 22 and 23, 2015 near Paris, France. The conference gathered nearly 90 attendees including Prosecutors, Judges and Experts from international organizations from the 22 States of the 28 European Member States.

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March 2015
170,000 pieces of counterfeit medicines seized in Bogota
A clandestine laboratory of fake drugs made of talc, flour and cement dismantled in the south of Bogota. These drugs were mainly sold in Colombia and Ecuador. MORE
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March 2015
Over 400,000 tablets seized in Cataluña
Two suspects have been arrested for trafficking in illicit drugs, smuggling and membership of a criminal organization. This network had sold fake medicines in Europe since 2012 via a web site. MORE
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March 2015
The largest Canadian online pharmacy worried again by justice
After several investigations in the past for selling unapproved drugs, the headquarter of was raided again by justice end of March. MORE
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March 2015
Warning on a fake version of Klaricid Clarithromycin
The FDA of the Philippines announced that the Klaricid Clarithromycin 250 mg / 5ml Granules, No. L7877, is a counterfeit version of a fruit punch-flavored antibiotic, a pediatric drug. MORE
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March 2015
2014 results of French customs interceptions
Among the 8.8 million counterfeit items intercepted, there were 2,580,793 counterfeit drugs intercepted in 2014, twice more than in 2013 (1,354 million). MORE
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