FEBRUARY 2015 Issue
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Les articles contenus dans cette newsletter sont en français sur le site internet de l'IRACM.

A new website for IRACM
The IRACM website brings together multiple sources of information that make it an international reference documentation center. Navigation is now easier and the number of generated pages has been increased. A new seizures map is available.
We invite you to visit the IRACM website here.

IRACM is now on the social media
The IRACM is expanding its presence on social networks via Twitter, Facebook et Google+. Another way to keep informed about the fake medicines news. All the videos on counterfeit medicines are on IRACM YouTube TV channel.
Stay tuned!

PHARMACRIME 4: European seminar for Judges and Prosecutors on falsified medicines
Initiated and funded by the IRACM, the Pharmacrime 4 validation conference was scheduled on January 22 and 23, 2015 near Paris, France. The conference gathered nearly 90 attendees including Prosecutors, Judges and Experts from international organizations from the 22 States of the 28 European Member States.

Fake Medicines Quarterly Review – October to December 2014
IRACM compiles the global news issued on fake and falsified / counterfeit medicines during the last three months. The quarterly review also presents the IRACM key initiatives.

2 new films directed by IRACM on counterfeiting of medications
Pr François Chast and Michèle Ramis are two eminent personalities who present two aspects of the counterfeit medicines:
the public health concern and the fight on an international level.
Is the battle already lost?

news section
January 2015
France announced the ratification of the convention Medicrime
The Council of Ministers around the French president, Francois Hollande, has authorized the ratification of the Convention Medicrime. This convention is expected and supported by IRACM. MORE
news section
January 2015
Trafficking in stolen pharmaceutical products
Drugs were allegedly stolen from a truck hijacking in Southern Italy. Among the seized products, medicines only available in hospitals and OTC medications, treatments against cancer and baby food. MORE
news section
January 2015
A death associated to a counterfeit pill
A young man died after having taken a counterfeit pill of OxyContin 80 in Saskatoon. It is the 3rd victim in the last 6 months. MORE
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January 2015
A 2nd sentence for counterfeit cancer treatment drugs
The Court of Missouri sentenced an owner of a Turkish company for smuggling counterfeit, misbranded and adulterated cancer treatment drugs into the United States. MORE
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January 2015
Counterfeit anti-cancer medicines seized
A company in Dhaka had illegally imported anti-cancer medicines and food supplements from the United States, Argentina, Spain and India. MORE l
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