Have a staff aware of the dangers of counterfeiting and trained in the detection of counterfeit medicines is an essential prerequisite to be committed in this fight. That is why the institute has developed these last years specialized high level trainings provided in all regions.

Medications are complex, their diversity and constantly changing concealment techniques implemented by traffickers makes the detection of counterfeiting particularly difficult. The trainings are intended primarily for field players and offer reliable and accurate information about health products.

For all these reasons, IRACM is convinced that the training of all field players and a wide circulation of reliable and accurate information about health products are the main drivers in the fight against trafficking of counterfeit drugs.

The programs and training modules cover the following themes:

  •  Knowledge of medicinal products
  •  Role of health agencies
  •  Traceability and sourcing
  •  Border permeability
  •  Financial flows
  •  Notions related to intellectual property
  •  Police intervention
  •  European action against fake drugs
  •  Good practices of the supply chain
  •  Internet problem
  •  Judicial approach

The training sessions are delivered by international specialists or experts from the major agencies involved in the fight against counterfeit drugs such as Interpol, World customs organization (WCO), European health agency, Council of Europe, etc.

IRACM is also involved in international conferences to raise awareness on the growing scourge of counterfeit drugs. The topics are:

  • Comprehension and estimation of the phenomenon: better outline traffic and define the terms of the problem to his country, to conduct quantitative and qualitative assessments of the magnitude of specific traffic, identify the profile of the trafficking main protagonists, etc.
  • Implementation of corrective and preventive actions.
  • Prioritize and coordinate field activities, optimize processes, select anti-counterfeiting technologies, develop plans and training content, adapt the regulations.

Everything you ever wanted to know about counterfeit medicines

The IRACM has posted end of 2014 an e-learning available and free for everyone. Fun and educational, this module provides all the basics to know about the counterfeiting of drug.