The institute positions itself as an advisory body whose aim is to promote the rapid dissemination of effective policies enabling the fight against counterfeit drug production around the world. As such, it dedicates its expertise to the service of the international community and public authorities of all countries. 

The fight against counterfeit drugs is by nature a subject of great complexity, placed as it is at the convergence of many disciplines (law, medicine, pharmacy) and practices (information collection, trade security, drug identification and traceability).

For the fight to be effective there must be a high level of expertise in each of these areas and a capacity to synthesize diverse and voluminous information into a comprehensive picture upon which critical decisions may be founded.

Benefiting from its privileged insight into the phenomenon, the Institute is capable of:

  • analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the preventive and repressive measures existing in each country;
  • proposing recommendations for improvement;
  • accompanying the public authorities in the implementation of enacted measures.