Because we need to be fully informed about something in order to fight it successfully, one of the priorities of the IRACM is to encourage the international community of researchers in the relevant disciplines to join the mobilization against drug counterfeiting.

Unlike other large-scale, organized criminal activities such as illicit drug trafficking, the illegal trade in fake medicines is a relatively recent scourge.

As such, the “mafia” groups responsible for this traffic still benefit too broadly from the vast lack of knowledge concerning the extent and the nature of the phenomenon.

This ignorance gives rise to a form of recklessness not only on the part of consumers, potential victims, but sometimes also on the part of national and international authorities despite their well-placed position to combat this trafficking efficiently.

This deficit of knowledge has a negative impact on many accounts:

  • aggravating the real health risks run by populations;
  • negatively affecting global economic issues;
  • weakening the efficiency of or widening the gaps in the existing national legal systems;
  • leaving a freer space for the development of techniques of production and concealment of counterfeits;
  • impeding the development of technological or organizational means more adapted to fight against this scourge.

Therefore, there is today an urgent need to build up extensive foundations of reliable, consistent and proven knowledge on each of these topics before implementing preventive or repressive actions.

It is for this reason that the institute has placed research among its priority tasks.

The institute’s vocation is therefore to encourage, support or finance all academics and student researchers in law, medicine, pharmacy, sociology and all students in magistrate, police or customs schools who are working to produce this fundamental knowledge.

In addition, IRACM is now a specialized place for meetings and exchanges between the various international experts at work on the battle front against the manufacture and distribution of fake medicines. This privileged position allows all researchers and specialists to place their data, knowledge and know-how in the global perspective and to further develop their competencies on the subject.

IRACM study report « Counterfeit Medicines and Criminal Organisations ». Counterfeit medicines: the new face of organized crime. 25-sept.2013. Report presented by IRACM. Author: Eric Przyswa.

This report analyze of new criminal strategies in connection with counterfeit medicines trafficking.

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The sale of medicines online in France. Survey performed from 5 to 10 September 2012 by the IFOP for the International Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines and the French Union of Manufacturers. Sample of 999 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

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