Because global public health is a priority subject, IRACM did it a priority as well. The only independent body working internationally, its exclusive vocation is to fight against fake medicines.

Trafficking of counterfeit medicines benefits from globalization and works across national borders. To fight effectively, governments need to think “internationally” and find the transnational tools that will foster cooperation and knowledge transfer beyond their territorial boundaries.

From this, the International Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) has developed many international actions to:

  • Raise awareness and warn the public and governments about the dangers of counterfeit drugs that interfere a little more each day in all countries of the world, through international conferences and information and awareness campaigns.
  • Have international committed experts and governmental and non-governmental organizations to tackle trafficking of counterfeit medicines.
  • Be a force of proposal to offer international actions in all regions worldwide, by providing model laws to States, enacting trainings or conferences to raise awareness of the scourge, assisting people around the world through national and international campaigns and acting with senior representatives of States.

Specialist advisors and researchers, trainers and lecturers, documentation and databases, all our human, technological and documentary resources are available to help you draw up a winning strategy in the fight against counterfeit medicines.

Some priority actions carried out by IRACM are shown in the page Initiatives.