• March 10, 2017
Traveling exposes to fake medicine. Come see us and get informed!
.Visit our IRACM stand at the World Tourism Fair 2017

• January 20, 2017
New record seizures of illicit medicines in Africa
. Counterfeit Medicines in Africa: Time for assessment!

• January 16, 2017
27th France - Africa summit
. IRACM welcomes 27th France - Africa summit decision in Bamako to counter fake medicines

• November 16, 2016
France-wide awareness campaign about the hidden side of illegal e-pharmacies!
. 12 golden rules to avoid endangering your health by buying medicines over the internet..

• September 22, 2016
The fight against fake medicines:
. As the Medicrime Convention comes into force in France, IRACM calls on all the countries that signed it to ratify it as soon as possible

• December 15, 2015
Should I buy medicines on Internet? Yes, but not just any old how!
. Second part of the campaign What in the world is a fake medicine?, this part focuses on the risks incurred on Internet, which spreads this international scourge of fake medicines.

June 22, 2015
IRACM launches a 6-month nationwide campaign to alert the general public to the dangers of fake medicines
Learn more about What in the world is a fake medicine?  

June 3rd, 2015
World Anti-Counterfeiting Day (June 5th)
IRACM reports on the growing phenomenon of medicine counterfeiting 

January 22, 2015
PHARMACRIME 4: IRACM meets with nearly 90 European judges and prosecutors to reinforce the fight against fake medicines
Learn more on Pharmacrime

September 22, 2014
Operation Biyela 2: Third series of record interceptions of products that are a threat to consumer health and safety
. Learn more on Operation Biyela 2

March 27, 2014
Pharmacrime 3: At the initiative of IRACM and the European Commission, the experts of 27 European States in the fight against falsified medicines gather at Interpol headquarters in Lyon
. Learn more on Pharmacrime

November 26, 2013
Niamey Declaration: IRACM and the Tattali-Iyali Foundation work together against counterfeit medicines in Africa
. Learn more on Niamey Declaration 

September 25, 2013
Counterfeit medicines: The new face of organized crime. A new study of IRACM analyzes new criminal strategies in connection with counterfeit medicines trafficking
. Learn more on the study report « Counterfeit medicines and criminal organisations »

July 3, 2013
Bernard Leroy appointed Director of the Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines

June 13, 2013
Operation Biyela: Record Seizure of Illicit Medicines in Africa. The WCO and IRACM issue a new warning about the health and safety of African populations
. Learn more on Operation Biyela 1

October 23, 2012
Operation Vice-Grips 2: High-Impact Customs operation tackles illicit medicines in Africa. The traffic in fake medicines is a serious threat to the health of African populations
. Learn more on Operation Vice-Grips 2

Septembre 10, 2012
Purchasing drugs on the Internet: The French responsible in Europe where trafficking of illicit medicines sold on the web explodes
. Learn more on the survey « the sale of medicines on line in France »