Everything you ever wanted to know about counterfeit medicines

Medicines are unlike other products in that counterfeiting them has more serious consequences.

When counterfeit medicines are sold, contrary to other counterfeit products or drug use, it is always without the patient knowing. Patients do not choose to buy counterfeit medicines… they are victims.

The counterfeiting of medicines is no longer an amateur’s game. It is difficult to recognize these products, either by visual inspection, or through how they are distributed. Not to mention the risks involved in purchasing medicines in general over the internet, and the specific risk of buying counterfeit medicines.

What do you know about how illegal medicines surface, about what counterfeit medicines are, about the ingredients of a real and a counterfeit drug, about the sales generated by counterfeit drug trafficking, about cyber-trafficking strategies, or about international measures to control the counterfeiting of medicines?

This training provides all the information needed to learn about how counterfeiting can be curbed and to find out more about the various issues and challenges specifically involved in the fight against counterfeit drugs.

This fun and educational e-learning course offers 7 modules:

  • Medicines: from drug molecule to end product
  • How medicinal products are marketed
  • Legislation against counterfeiting
  • Measures to control counterfeiting
  • Counterfeiting across the globe
  • Issues related to the internet
  • Technical solutions to curb this scourge

Either follow the training in the order given, one module after another, or if you prefer, you may move freely between modules using the table of contents.

Let’s get started!