States: spearheads in the fight against fake drugs.
The inalienable sovereignty of each country endows Governments with a high level of responsibility in the struggle against counterfeit drug trafficking.

Through its legislative, judicial and executive authorities, each State must develop strategies and measures adapted to its particular situation to ensure the protection of the health of its citizens. Although no one ideal solution applicable to all exists, the initiatives of some states can serve as enlightening models for others.

“There is no simple or standard solution that is applicable to all countries to eliminate the problem. Thus each country has to develop a strategy based on its own situation, taking into account the magnitude of the problem, and the available infrastructure and human and other resources»

This warning against any simplistic approach was made as early as 2000 by the WHO in its “Guidelines for the development of measures to combat counterfeit medicines”.
This compendium of recommendations and measures offers each country a guideline and basic points to develop its national action plan.
Although far from being exhaustive, the following list of governmental measures proposes a panorama of the main initiatives taken by some countries to reinforce the fight against fake drugs.
These initiatives may take various forms: regulatory measures, organizational reforms, targeted actions…
The fact that these actions are mentioned below is not intended to give an indication of the intensity with which they have been implemented in concrete terms, or their real effectiveness.
They demonstrate a willingness to follow the recommendations proposed by the WHO.