A more effective war when waged together

The war against fake drug traffickers is a race against time.

To be effective, stakeholders must adopt a coherent, well organized strategy and find ways to remain one step ahead of the criminals who are continually evolving in order to bypass the law. Like trafficking itself, the response to these criminal activities should be without borders. And in this respect, the determinant factor is the quality of cooperation between the public and private players on the international scene. Many forms of partnerships between states, major international organizations, representative bodies and pharmaceutical companies exist, allowing the sharing of expertise, bilateral agreements, information exchange and coordinated, concerted actions.
The preventive or punitive actions presented in this document are emblematic of the many global initiatives aimed at improving international cooperation in the fight against the illicit trade of fake drugs.
Although it is not always easy to assess the direct impact on trafficking, each initiative contributes reducing the isolation of each actor, breaking down counter-productive barriers and delivering the means to act with greater efficiency.