IRACM is launching a nationwide campaign in France
Edition 2016
to alert the general public to the dangers of fake medicines
and advise patients about buying medicines online
and what to do when travelling



The 1st July 2015, IRACM launched a campaign to help people understand more about counterfeit medicines. It is aimed at patients in mainland France and in the overseas departments and territories (DOM-TOM) to inform about a growing threat that is spreading worldwide.

In 2013 and 2014, 3.6 million fake medicines were seized in Le Havre, France. Trucks carrying medicines were stolen in Italy early this year, and Germany saw the introduction of fake medicines into its legal medicine distribution channel in April. These incidents show that the problem is getting closer and closer to France.

In response to this, IRACM is launching an action aimed at the general public, and especially at patients to:

• Preserve the health of patients by informing them of the risks incurred by counterfeit medicines.
• Alert them to dangerous behaviours, particularly concerning self-medication, and promote good practices for medicine consumption, especially on Internet and when travelling to foreign countries.

In France, patients are protected by a very secure distribution channel for medicines. However Internet and travel can be risky. Counterfeit or fake medicines are an increasing threat to public health.

This nationwide campaign consists of a booklet for patients, a website, a poster and a quiz. All the information can be found on the website



The “le faux médicament, késako?” campaign in a few words

  • Date of launch : 1st July 2015
  • Countries concerned: France and the DOM-TOM
  • Thousands of information booklets and advice will be placed in doctors’ waiting rooms and in hospitals, as well as on internet to warn of the dangers of counterfeit medicines.
  • An open access website providing all the useful links for buying medicines safely on internet and advising you what to do when travelling: You’ll also find a quiz to test your knowledge.
  • If you have any doubts about a medicine purchased on Internet, do not take it. You should also inform your doctor or chemist.
  • An awareness film featuring “The Allfakes” and the purchase of various products on internet.

– Visit the website and find all the information plus the booklet on fake medicines.

–  Film “The Allfakes” to see with your family to raise awareness on the purchase of products or non-prescription drugs on fake pharmacies.

– Pharmacists: the poster and the booklet of the campaign are available on the Cespharm website (National Pharmacists) in French.

Download the campaign poster
– Read the press release  


[1] Le faux médicament, késako ?