Ivory Coast : Vice President opens pharmaceutical production unit

Vice President, Daniel Kablan Duncan, inaugurated an Indian pharmaceutical production unit in Grand-Bassam’s IT and Biotechnology Technology Village (Vitib). There are now six pharmaceutical industries currently operating in the Ivory Coast. “The implantation of these units is excellent news and will develop national pharmaceutical production, and reduce our dependence on external medicine supplies, especially for essential medicines”, said the Vice President.

Source : www.fratmat.info

USA : Six bags containing fake coronavirus test kits from UK seized

According to a statement from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), officers discovered “six plastic bags containing various vials, while conducting an enforcement examination of a parcel manifested as ‘purified water vials’ with a declared value of $196.81.”
After examining the shipment, the CBP found “vials filled with a white liquid and labelled ‘Corona Virus 2019nconv (COVID-19)’ and ‘Virus1 Test Kit’,” added the agency. The shipment – intercepted at the International Mail Facility at LAXS – has been turned over to the FDA for analysis.
The seizure comes after the US government acknowledged that the country does not have enough coronavirus test kits to meet its needs.

Source : www.securingindustry.com

Senegal : Customs seize corticosteroids and other illicit medicines during routine road check

A haul was made at the eastern Kaffrine customs checkpoint during a check of a vehicle registered in Senegal. The trafficker had hidden the medicines in a cosmetics shipment and large amounts of pharmaceuticals including corticosteroids were also concealed in the seats and body of the vehicle. The products are thought to be worth 37,555,620 CFA Francs. This haul brings the total value of seized fake medicines in Kaffrine, in three weeks, up to 122m CFA Francs.

Source : www.politique221.com

Mexico : Enquiry opened following suspicious deaths of seven hospital patients treated with heparin

Seven patients have died in Pemex de Villahermosa regional hospital in Tabasco. Tens of other patients are thought to have suffered adverse side effects after being administered heparin manufactured by Laboratorios PiSA SA, a national medicines manufacturer.
The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFREPRIS) has opened an investigation to ascertain whether the heparin was fake or not. After examining the Inhepar 5000 UI / mL vials which were used in the hospital, the manufacturer has stated that they had been reused – as is often the case for fake medicines.
More than 10 years ago, heparin which had been contaminated by OSCS (oversulphated chondroitin sulphate) – an adulterant used to deceive quality control tests – injured thousands of people throughout the world and killed tens of others in the US and elsewhere.

Source : www.animalpolitico.com