France : Sanofi donates 300,000 chloroquine treatments to France in a bid to tackle Covid-19

After “promising” test results, Sanofi Laboratory is preparing to offer the French government millions of Plaquenil antimalarial medicine units which could help 300,000 COVID-19 sufferers. Stocks of hydroxychloroquine which were packaged in another French unit have arrived in Montpellier and are ready for dispatch to hospitals depending on health authority recommendations. The latter will be based on the results of medical testing and the “formulas” proposed by researchers and medical teams. Sanofi Montpellier and authorized distributors will be in charge of delivering the treatments to the hospitals. Xavier Tabary, Sanofi Montpellier Director, explains that the procedure for hydroxychloroquine is relatively simple: “The tablets must be kept at room temperature, there is no risk of breaking the cold chain”. The Montpellier unit is operating on reduced staff and less urgent tasks have been set aside, but M. Tabary assures the general public that enough staff have been kept on to ensure that their main role is being maintained: “We are also frontline for cancer treatments and the trials are ongoing”.

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