France : GPRRF calls for vigilance in response to rising fraud during the coronavirus pandemic

In France, scams from malicious companies and individuals are increasing in light of the current fearful atmosphere. The GPRRF (the French Multipurpose Research and Repression Group) has issued a statement:
• There are currently no vaccine, food, air purifiers, lamps, food supplements, or even essential oils which can prevent or cure COVID-19. Any suggestion to the contrary is misleading commercial practice.
• France does not directly provide individuals with test kits. Any test kit offers which may appear to come from a government department is a scam to retrieve your personal data, especially your bankcard details.
• Fake websites are trying to sell medicines, especially medicines for other illnesses. Purchasing them online is illegal and may put your health at risk (side effects, fake medicines).
• Online paracetamol sales have been suspended: online ads for paracetamol are therefore fake.
• Self-certified authorizations to leave the home are free and are not for sale. Some websites are offering to publish a digital version: be careful, only official authorizations which are printed or copied on plain paper are valid. You could also be giving out your personal data.
• For the moment, the government does not decontaminate individual homes. Offers of allegedly mandatory decontamination are from people attempting to enter your home with evil intent.
• Some people have set up donation platforms or kitties to help health care workers or support vaccine research. Check that the person is a registered professional and where your donations are going before transferring any money.

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