Benin : Over one ton of illicit medicines seized from minibus

Couffo customs agents chased a minibus and intercepted a shipment of fake medicines.
The seized products include:
– Four boxes of various types of medicines weighing 132kg;
– Forty-eight (48) boxes of LETAMOX weighing 446kg;
– Eight (08) boxes of ANTIMALARIAL ARFAN weighing 40kg,
– Four (04) boxes of FOLIRON weighing 58kg,
– Twelve (12) boxes of POLYFER weighing 82kg,
– Three (03) boxes of WORMZAP weighing 38 kg,
– Four (04) boxes of SOCOMOL weighing 70kg,
– Four (04) boxes of LETAP’S GRIPE WATER weighing 62kg,
– Two (02) boxes of HEMOGLOBINE SYRUP weighing 36kg,
– Four (04) boxes of CHILD CARE weighing 64kg.

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