Vietnam : Health ministry leaders found guilty of importing millions of fake cancer medicines 

The Government Inspectorate announced its conclusion over the Ministry of Health and the Drug Administrations’ responsibilities in granting medicine import licenses for VN Pharma and a business license for Helix, a foreign medicines producer. 
The enquiry led after a scandal broke out in 2014 when suspicions were raised over the origins of the H-Capita 500mg medicine, which was thought to be a cancer treatment.
According to inspectors on the case, the ministerial leaders and officials are to be held responsible for several loopholes in applying the circulars which regulate the medicines register and provide information about the import and export of medicines.
The ministry granted a total of 607 import licenses for three kinds of medicines reportedly manufactured by Canada’s Helix Pharmaceuticals Company. There were no copies of the company’s business license in Vietnam in the import applications. 
Moreover, a foreign pharmaceutical company which wanted to apply for a business license in Vietnam was also spared of a thorough assessment of its medicine manufacturing facilities. It was through this lax regulation that Helix was issued an official business license in 2014.

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