Equator : Medicine falsification law reform

Attorney General data has revealed that in 2018, 15 cases were opened against the production, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of expired medicines and supplies. In 2019, nine cases have been recorded. The reforms have been approved by the National Assembly and provide for the following:
Article 217.1
– For the crime of “producing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, importing and storing medicines, medical devices and products for use or consumption which are fake or which have been tampered with”, the sentence is five to seven years in prison.
– If the criminal is a health professional, he/she will receive seven to ten years in prison.
– If a patient dies after taking the products the sentence will be 10 to 13 years in prison.
Article 217
– Expired medicines and equipment trafficking will be punished by prison sentences from six months to two years.

Source : www.eltelegrafo.com

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