Mexico : Falsified batches of breast cancer medication discovered

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFREPRIS) has opened an enquiry based on a complaint filed by Roche S.A.C.V. Laboratory concerning the falsification of Ampoule 440mg HERCEPTIN (Trastuzumab). The alert applies to the following batches: N7101B03 B3018, N7086B02 B3016, N3818B02 B3048, N3834B01 B3053 and N3839B01 B3055.
Information about the fake product:
1. it is not stamped with information confirming that it belongs to the health sector and that its sale is forbidden;
2. the price is not indicated beside the barcode;
3. the amount of powder is higher than that of the fake product;
4. the tampered product is not stamped with the double blue propeller on the lid;
5. the tampered product does not dissolve when a diluent is added;
6. a large quantity of the tampered product’s powder is humid and is stuck to the sides of the bottle.

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