Switzerland: Health Agency files official complaint against Alkopharma for endangering patients’ lives with falsified medicines

More than 100,000 bottles of expired cancer treatments were administered to Swiss and French patients. The products, used to treat ovarian, bladder and breast cancer in adults and also children’s cancers, were falsified by their Luxembourg manufacturer, Alkopharma. The latter intentionally changed the expiry dates on the products, some of which had expired several years ago, to sell off its stocks. Alkopharma sold a total of 98,820 vials of under-dosed cancer treatments in France for more than €3.2m and more than 2000 vials in Switzerland. The firm’s managers were condemned to fines in 2016. The Swiss Public Health Agency, Swissmedic, has filed an official complaint against the sanctions which they deem too laxist for a firm which endangered patients’ lives. Alkopharma has gone bankrupt since the affair.

Source : www.letemps.ch

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