Brazil: criminal organisation under investigation for money-laundering link to illicit medicine network

bresil-medicamentsPolice dismantled a criminal organisation which has been charged with selling products which allegedly contain phosphoehanolamine. The product is known as an anti-cancer pill but was banned as its results have not been proven. The product is not, therefore, a recognized medicine. It was sold online in Brazil and was presented as a supplement to improve quality of life and metabolism. Screening has shown that there was no active ingredient in the supplement which acted only as a placebo. A former partner admitted that, following the phosphoehanolamine ban in Brazil, the company had started to import less costly raw materials from China. During police investigations, one person was arrested and 130 gas cylinders manufactured in Miami, computers, mobile phones, passports and a gun were seized. Police reported that the gang operated drug trafficking money-laundering fronts.

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