Taiwan: 71% of screened illicit medicine in 2016 contained unlicensed ingredients

taiwan-illicit-medicineThe Taiwanese Health Agency said that it screened 202 illicit medicine samples in 2016.  Among the 202 items, 82 claimed to be aphrodisiacs, 32 were said to be nitrates (more commonly known as “poppers”), while 88 claimed to have other therapeutic effects such as weight loss, anti-inflammatory or sleep-inducing properties. According to the authorities, 61 of the 82 illegal aphrodisiacs contained unlicensed pharmaceutical ingredients, while 48 contained sildenafil. The number of illicit aphrodisiacs seized in 2016 is the highest in four years. The Health Agency published the same findings for nitrate-type medicines: all the tested samples revealed unlicensed ingredients.

Source : www.taipeitimes.com

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