China: government supports French-Chinese startup technology against counterfeiting

chinaA Chinese startup, Cypheme, has been granted $72,000 by the  Shenzhen government (south China). The company was created by three French and two Chinese founders to develop a unique technology to fight against counterfeiting. The technique enables any smartphone user to check if a product is genuine by taking a photograph of a code on the product’s box. The consumer then simply sends the photograph via WeChat or Facebook to the Cypheme system which analyses the photographed paper’s microstructure and compares the image to the one which is recorded and stored in its database. In addition to high-level security, this technology is more cost-efficient than its competitors as no special equipment is needed. Currently, the system is only geared towards consumers but in the long-term could inform the authorities, in real-time, if fake products are in circulation.

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