IRACM launch a France-wide awareness campaign about the hidden side of illegal e-pharmacies

12 golden rules to avoid endangering your health by buying medicines over the internet.

Internet is an ideal place for global marketing and it offers traffickers of counterfeit medicines the perfect tool for selling their products on a wide scale basis.

Since its creation in 2010, the International Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) has combated counterfeit medicines throughout the world. Buying medicines on-line can threaten your health or even your life! achat-medicament-internetContinuing on from the awareness campaigns launched in July 2015 to protect the health of patients and consumers, IRACM is again speaking out and giving practical advice on how to buy medicines safely over the internet. It is also showing the hidden face of these websites that sell fake healthcare products.

By following these 12 golden rules, consumers attracted by the prices or the convenience of buying on-line will be better equipped to choose a reliable e-pharmacy, and can trust that they are not buying counterfeit medicines. They will know about safeguards meaning they can buy medicines over the internet with confidence.

In fact, clandestine e-pharmacies endeavour by all means to make us believe that their websites are serious, authentic and meet quality and safety standards. To add to this illusion, traffickers use well-established marketing strategies. These include using trusted domain names, offering a professional design, having a good ranking on search engines, creating fake news sites, having a presence on social media, selling products on B-to-B portals, using spam, etc.

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This campaign conducted by IRACM over the internet has two objectives. Firstly, it aims to raise awareness among internet users by 12-reglesletting them discover what lurks behind these illegal e-pharmacies. Secondly, by providing practical advice, it is helping consumers acquire good habits when they buy healthcare products over the internet. Since no one chooses to buy fake medicines!

The 12 golden rules, tips before buying medicines over the internet, is the new component of the first communication campaign of its type, introduced in July 2015 by IRACM: “What are fake medicines?”

A brochure, computer graphics and three videos accompany this campaign focusing on the “12 golden rules”.

Due to the health risks involved in the trafficking and counterfeiting of medicines, IRACM is taking action to protect people. Through its prevention and awareness remit, IRACM is providing information and notifying on a daily basis about the extent of the problem of fake medical products, the issues involved as well as the need to combat the damaging effects. In this context, it conducts prevention campaigns that focus on fake health products and suggests good habits to adopt on a daily basis.






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