A team of pharmaceutical experts from Ethiopia visiting Lagos to learn from Nigeria’s experience in combating counterfeit medicines

On October 28, 2015, a team of pharmaceutical experts from Ethiopia has visited the facilities set up in Nigeria by the health authority NAFDAC to build on actions against fake medicines and secure drugs.

The team, led by Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Food Medicines and Healthcare and Control Authority, Mr. Dawit Dikasso Dilbeto, was interested among others by the activities of NAFDAC in terms of inspection, monitoring, capacity building and experience sharing. He said: “Ethiopia is a growing country and we need to expand our business regarding our regulatory processes to protect our population.” “We are expecting a lot of experience sharing with Nigeria, particularly on counterfeit medicines issue as a challenge, especially in Africa. It is essential for us to work together to fight against this threat. ”

Source: Vanguard

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