A new bill on the online sale of non-prescription (OTC) medicines in Luxemburg

Currently, Luxembourgers can buy medicines on the Internet, except prescription drugs. However, these drugs must be issued in a pharmacy. A bill was passed on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 from the 2011 European Directive. This law could emerge in the first quarter 2016 and would oversee the practical arrangements for the sale of non-prescription medicines on the internet. It still maintains the prohibition of buying prescription drugs on the Internet.

The Ministry of Health will establish a legal e-pharmacies list, impose to pharmacy managers the self-management of their website and limit the amount of drugs purchased on line. Pharmacists who sell on the Internet will have to prepare and send orders from their local or a facility authorized. Legal pharmacies are recognizable with the European logo but the sale in pharmacies is still the safest way to buy drugs.

Source: L’Essentiel

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