In Somalia, illegal clinics and pharmacies are invading the streets of Mogadishu

Every morning, more than 50 patients are waiting to be auscultated by a hospital doctor in Mogadishu. Many of them are people who have experienced complications after having taken expired or counterfeit drugs which were prescribed to them by unqualified health personnel.

There are no figures available estimating the number of patients suffering from expired or counterfeit drugs in Somalia. In this seaside city of over a million inhabitants, there are a clinic or a pharmacy at almost every street corner. Most are not registered and employ unqualified personnel. Many patients have been victims of the illegal sale of fake medication, now suffering from serious complications, sometimes incurable or lethal.

Osman Mohamud Muhumed, 52, said “I went to a clinic near my home. They gave me what they said was medicine. At first the medicines did not work and then as I continued taking them as they advised me, it made my situation worse. They kept on telling me to continue taking them. It got so bad; the drugs almost killed me.”

Source: All Africa

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