El Salvador: seizure of counterfeit drugs at the airport

500 counterfeit medicines were seized these recent days at the Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport in El Salvador in passengers’ luggage trying to go to the United States.

According to the National Drug Directorate[1], most of the seized medicines were for personal use, but 40% of them were for resale.

Following these customs seizures, an inspection was conducted in coordination with the National Civil Police who provided an additional seizure of 400 medicines which were sold in the markets of Santa Rosa Lima and La Unión. This discovery was made during the international operation Pangea VIII.

A recall was issued on this occasion concerning veterinary medicines which must not be purchased out of the legal framework, as they pose a risk to human health, such as counterfeit medicines are for humans.

Source: La Pagina

[1] Dirección Nacional de Medicamentos (DNM).

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