Two suspects arrested for trafficking of illicit drugs and over 400,000 tablets seized in Spain

Some of the fake drugs seized in Spain and sold in Europe by a criminal organization. A website was used as an online pharmacy. (Credit: Cadena SER).

On February 24, 2015, the Spanish police have arrested two people, a man, 53, and a woman, 35, Pakistani and Indian Nationals, for trafficking in illicit drugs, smuggling and membership of a criminal organization.

When a suspicious package has been received by the postal service of a Catalan city, Premiá de Mar, the police were able to arrest the suspects. The consignee of the package was also manager of a mobile phones accessories store used as a cover. The two suspects were in charge of the main distribution point for illegal drugs on a huge trafficking, and shipped orders registered by European customers via a website.

This criminal organization provided several outlets located in European cities, with illegal or falsified drugs from China and India. The investigation determined that this trafficking has been running since 2012 and has performed over 2,900 shipments since the beginning of 2015 to customers mainly located in Germany.

The authorities suspected that the traffickers have marketed more than 150,000 tablets per month imported from India. 251 packets from India and each containing 1,000 tablets against erectile dysfunction were found during the operation, as well as boxes full of vials. A total of over 400,000 tablets were seized.

A special warning must be pointed out as taking fake medicines may cause side effects or serious adverse events. Furthermore, the conditions of storage provided by a drug distribution chain framed by a legal pharmaceutical company are not met in the case of counterfeits.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Source: Cadena SER

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