Quarterly press review october to december 2014

2014 was a positive year for IRACM. The institute initiated several projects to continue its fight against counterfeit medicine trafficking across the globe and renewed its support for the WCO, instigating the interception of containers in 15 African ports, resulting in the seizure of 113 million potentially dangerous illegal counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

IRACM is also involved in the creation of international model legislation with UNODC and several other partners to encourage governments to adopt laws that are appropriate in their country. This project is a step forward in the creation of consistent international repression against the spread of counterfeit drugs.

In December we launched a unique open access e-learning programme to provide a better understanding of the problem and the issues involved in combatting counterfeiting. Knowledge is key as the general public and field operators need to learn about the evils and dangers of counterfeit medicines. This tool and the films produced provide essential information to take effective action.

There were a vast number of seizures and arrests on all 5 continents over the last three months of 2014, a testament to the authorities’ determination to cease the momentum. Pharmacies were shut down, 67 people were arrested[1] and thousands of pharmaceuticals seized across the globe. With the internet, the scale of the problem is daunting but national authorities are increasingly vigilant and many illegal sites selling medicines online are regularly eradicated.

With this in mind, IRACM renews its dedication to new and existing projects, to increasing its efforts and entering additional partnerships to tackle counterfeit drug trafficking even more effectively.

Bernard LEROY
Director of IRACM


[1] According to our latest figures.

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