United Kingdom: A survey of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society reveals that 80% of pharmacists are faced with patients who self-diagnose and purchase their medication online

Published on March 21st, 2014, this survey realized with pharmacists in the United Kingdom shows that 40% of patients buy prescription drugs through online pharmacies although they are well aware of the risks they incur. 50% of pharmacists interviewed said they also have been in contact with “addicted” patients after taking prescription drugs bought on the internet. 99% of the pharmacists interviewed think that patients who buy prescription-only medicines from illegal websites take a real risk for their lives.

Neal Patel, spokesman of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is concerned by the results of this survey and the increase of drugs purchases on the Internet. In the United Kingdom, the legal online pharmacies must be registered by the General Pharmaceutical Council and have an official logo.

This survey is a joint work by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and ITV’s Daybreak with 2,500 pharmacists interviewed.

Press release of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
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