A more strict drugs quality control in 2014 for Papua New Guinea

Australia has decided to withdrawn funding this year for the provision of drugs to health centers in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Indeed, in June, the PNG government has removed a crucial quality control and later awarded the contract to a local company related to a Chinese supplier of sub-quality drugs.

The region people suffer of TB, malaria, pneumonia and gastro. These ineffective medicines can cause significant public health problems.

Three years ago, a corruption scandal within Papua New Guinea’s health system left hospitals running out of drugs and prompted the PNG government to ask for Australia’s help in stocking health centres.

But the arrangement was always going to be temporary and this year the PNG government took responsibility for procuring the 2014 supply of medical kits.

Australia agreed to keep funding the program, on the condition the tender process was transparent and the companies had certain accreditation, including an internationally-recognised standard ISO 9001.

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