Guatemala: Health Alert on Fake Medicines

More than 394,000 illegal drugs seized

A fake version of Gentamicina MK, injection solution 80 mg from Bayer laboratory, was detected in Guatemala under the name “Gentamicina MIC”. The Ministry of Health has published the true and false versions of the cloned drug.

In previous years, counterfeit drugs have been detected in the country such as vitamin supplements, analgesics and a fake version of Viagra. Most of these products come from North of the country.

From the year 2011 to June 2013, the Fiscal Control Police (Policía de Control Fiscal – PCF) of the Ministry of Finance seized 394,811 units of drugs that are illegally entering the country, even if we cannot conclude that they are counterfeit.

Complete article published in Diario Extra of July 30, 2013 – Costa Rica :

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